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A comprehensive wordlist of real Australian speech
"Curtsey O' the bloke onna street"

(The original Strine Online was compiled by Rick Schellen)

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Air: Strine expression of agreement or affirmation ("Dja getny b'tydas fer dinner t'noite, maam?" "Air Aw did")
Airpsly Fair-billis: Exceptionally good or pleasing ("Aw heddan Airpsly Fair-billis toime lar snoite")
Awmus: See "nilly" and "sawmus"
An archer mean: Strine expression of agreement and solidarity ("Thet blokes a dairm lunatic!" "Air! An archer mean")
Anks: Strine expression of appreciation ("Anks mite, yer a reel spawt!") Often heard as "ynks" in Southern Strine dialect.
A-queue stick: Strine musical expression ("Gona gidda brairn new a-queue stick ktar")
A'riddy: Before the expected time ("Aw wint ta peeker up but she wuz a'riddy gawn")
Ark Ellery: A room or building where paintings and sculptured works are displayed
Assprad: Obsessively preoccupied with tidiness around the home. An affliction predominantly affecting Strine women ("She's so assprad y'know. She keepsa Rome lookin grite!"). See also Gloria Soame
Augustra: A group of Strine classical musical players ("It san's grite win the Augustra comes in, plyin' thet cleskal music")
Awelesh: Part of the anatomy of the eye. Most frequently used in plural ("She jiss fludders er aweleshes et innybody")
Awl: Petroleum product used in cars ("Y'godda hev awl in the ingine fya wannut ta run prop'ly")

Baandry: The edge ("He got ta the baandry 'n di'n know wut ta do")
Baked Necks: Popular Strine breakfast dish, as are Emma Necks, Scremblex, and Fright Chops
Bare-jet: Strine expression of surprise, used primarily by mothers ("C'mon you lazy goofer nuffin. Ain-choo owta bare-jet?")
Bay paan?: Strine expression of apology, often used when a sentence has not been understood ("Hey, queue doosa fiver?" "Bay paan? I din ear ya!" "Oz askin' if yikkud doosa fiver")
B'cuya: Odd, bizarre ("Looks priddy b'cuya t'me!")
Beards: Popular Strine game, often played in "pubs" and "tevvens" ("Cown mite, Aw gi' y'a ghyme o' beards")
Beeg: Opposite of "smool" ("Jeez ut's bloody beeg!")
Beeyon: A "meeyon meeyon" ("The wuz beeyons o' the baastuds!")
Berra: A handcart for conveying things, materials ("Fill the berra with sment pleece mite")
Betchry: Strine power unit ("Guessa cupla betchries f'me rydio, pleece maam")
Bewful: Strine word used to express the beauty of something ("Ut wuz jiss bewful!")
Bim-bye: A form of attack ("Arm! Arm! I bin bim-bye a bloody Mozzie")
B'jamas: Special clothing used when sleeping, also known by some as "jaamies" or "peejyes" ("Cown kids! Gitcha b'jamas on!")
Boll; Boller: Strine drinks container ("Gissa boller rum pleece mite?; Less creka boll t'noite")
Borra, Burra: To obtain something on the premise of returning it at a later date ("Cobburra yer Pearl Jairm CD?")
Bran: A colour, ranging from light oatmeal to dark chocolate - 'Pline rairping piper' is often Bran
Breeyant: Wonderful, Clever, Exceptional ("Oy seen some smaat kids but thet kids jiss breeyant!")
B'teecular: Specific ("Woddaya hefta be so b'teecular a bed ut?")
B'tyda: Strine vegetable, also known as a "spad" ("Gdonya mum, the b'tydas a grite!")
Bynk: A Southern Strine dialectal pronunciation of "benk", a place that trades in money. ("Jeggoida the bynk, Frynk?" "Noy, Aw dingo that wye hoime")

Caan: Strine equivalent of "long live" used only at sporting ceremonies. ("Caan the kets!" "Caan the moddy Roos!")
Cancel: A group of people who meet to decide Strine future and policies. See also "Taan Cancel"
Cancelling: Unique Strine method of helping those with difficulties ("Jacko's awrot! He jiss needs a bidda cancelling!")
Carmen Seamy: Unusually helpful Strine character ("Carmen Seamy annile see what ic'n do")
Ceegrette: A "smoke". Also known as a "ceeghie" ("Godda ceegrette, mite?")
Chiggit aowt!: Strine expression of wonderment or awe. ("Chiggit aowt, maam!")
Choojern: Nippers ("Oola choojern god edda skewl early todye")
Civeeyan: Non-military person ("Inny civeeyan kesualdies?")
Coda: Half of a half ("She kyme beck 't coda ta four")
Colcha: The skills, arts and practices of a people ("Ool a nytion needs is a bidda colcha")
Commanytion: A combining ("Ut wuz a commanytion o' fectas thet cause' 'is death")
Congredulite, Congredulide (between vowels): Strine expression of approval ("I 'ed ta congredulide 'im on 'is tyste in music")
Corparse, Corpse: Expression of time with similar usage to "Hubbarse" ("Shit! Sorady corparse four!")
Cosha: Strine bargaining expression ("Yikkun 'ev ut bud ut scona cosha!")
Cossum: Strine request, usually as used by a child to a parent ("Cossum new shoes please maam?")
Covva: a request ("Covva lookatje new car?")
Cown!: Strine expression of impatience ("Cown! We 'evn' god ool dye!")
Cudav: Strine word to express something which might have happened ("Weel you Cudav nokme daahn wivva fevva!")

Deb-beat: A loser ("Inny deb-beat kid taya thet!")
Debt: Disbeleif ("Nah debt a baretit, you're a Jim!")
Deeshes: Items used for eating etc. ("Dja woish the deeshes yit?")
Dimention: Common response to the expression "Anks" ("Anks Mite. Dimention it")
Doan: Strine word used to express disagreement ("Doan gimmie thet loada crep!")
Dofta: Strine expression of annoyance ("Dofta taya errythin'?")
Dorry: A "daaly" notebook ("Dear Dorry, Aw been roideen ta ya f'ears n ears, but ya nivver seem ta roite beck")
Dwurry: Strine expression of comfort ("Saw rot bybee. Dwurry bed ut!")")

Ear: A period of 365 days ("Ut hep'm abet twinny ears ago")
Eerie Tizz: Something which was lost ("Hair seemie hem bairg? Air. Eerie Tizz, roite weaya leftit y'daaf tollbat")
Ebb-tide: The capacity to consume food ("I dunno watsa mare wimmie, I jess got no ebb-tide these dice")
Ectua'y, Egg-Jelly: In reality, ("Hair's yer oldies?" "Ectua'y, the doin' aw rot")
Edda (the blue): Strine legendary character known for turning up out of nowhere (".... then Edda the blue comes 'iss bloke odd nivver seen p'fore") Not to be confused with Edda Bee (see below)
Edda Bee: Strine expression of disappointment ("Edda Bee bloody rot!")
Eediot, Eejut: A fool or moron ("Tiger lookadim. Wuddan eediot!")
Eekles: To be the same as ("One plus one eekles two")
Egg Nishner: Electro-mechanical device used for cooling & purifying air
Emeny: To quantify ("Got'ny b'tydas. Air. Emeny Jiwant")
Emma Chisit: Strine accounting wiz. The very mention of her name tends to put salespeople on the back foot ("Hey mite, jonner buy me car?" "Emma Chisit?" "On'y 2 gran'" "Fer thet, naawye!!")
Enemy: The limit of ("I mutt the enemy tether"). Not to be confused with Emeny (as in "Ememy Jiwant")
Epsly: Completely and utterly ("Ut wuz epsly breeyant!"). See also, "Airpsly"
Evvathin: All, each ("Evvathin wuz gaan awrot, till 'e turn' up an' spawlt ut ool!")
Excelnt: See "megneevicent"

Faalure: Something no Strine wants to be ("Ut wuz a c'mpleten udder faalure")
Fawnly: The eventual outcome ("Aw fawnly goddut roight, aaftrawl this toime!")
Fearious: Strine word used to express anger ("Oz airpsly fearious a bet the whole affair!")
Fecta: A perspective, point, or important issue ("Minny fectas a goddaby tiger neenta conseedarytion")
Fiver: A helping hand ("Doosa fiver, mite, wea?")
Flares: Often used when courting a young woman ("Wy'onchya jiss giver some flares?")
Fokkered: Strine expression of desire ("Fokkered ony tawk Twa")
Folla: To trail or go after ("Ool 'e did wuz folla me aran' lock a bloody shedda")
Forrud: The front or the foremost part of the head ("Woipe yer forrud willya, yer sweatn loika pig!")
Fozhew: Strine expression of advice ("Fozhew, Odd see'm a bed ut lyder!")
Froidy: Last day of the Strine working week. See 'Munny'.
Full: To slip or lose one's balance ("Careful y'doan full downa stairs!")
Funny: Strine expression of anguish or dismay ("Funny odd tawk twa b'fore" "Funny ockered troy agin!")

G'Dye: Strine greeting ("G'dye Spawt, hey gaan?")
Gadgeter: Strine request for practical help ("Awl Gadgeter sew a bun ommy shirt")
Garbler Mince: Within half an hour ("Awl be wiyow inner Garbler Mince")
Gdonya: Strine expression of approval ("Yeah! Gdonya mite!")
Getny: To obtain a quantity of ("Hey maam, dja getny epples?")
Gloria Soame: Character from Strine mythology. A role model for many Strine women ("She scodda Gloria Soame enshe keepsit spotless!")
Gissa: A request ("Gissa cupla slabs o' 4x, pleece mite!")
G'noit: Strine word used when retiring for the night ("Aw'm awf ta bid" "Air, ukkye, g'noit")
Goda: To attend or visit ("Jonner goda the movies?") Often heard as "goida" in the Southern Strine dialect.
Gonnie: Strine expression that is commonly used when borrowing from someone ("Gonnie epples") Similar in meaning to "ghenny"
Gunga Din: Patron Saint of the banished Strine traveller ("Oy Gunga Din, the door slokt. C'mon - Nope Nit!")

Harley Owbada: Old Strine fellow of limited vision. Brother of Bairly Owbada ("He wuz Harley Owbada see the bloody road, the blind ol' fart!")
Harps: See Hubbarse
Hedge: Strine enquiry. Related to "wedge" ("Hedge get 'old o' thet?")
Heggenoy: Strine saleman ("G'Day. Heggenoy 'elp ya?")
Hem Bairg: A small leather holdall used by Strine women for carrying all manner of possesions and personal effects with them everywhere they go ("Haya seemie Hem Bairg pet? Air! ya leftit honour flaw roite wear oycud treepova eet! Woy carnya peekie dup, ya shtubid bet!")
Hemi: Enquiry regarding a number or amount ("Hemi times d'efter warn ya?")
Hey gaan: A Broad Strine greeting ("Hey gaan?" "Air, nop baird!, Hairs yasilf?")
Hezzy: Interrogative expression ("Hezzy g'na do thet?")
Heenk: Consider, deem, ponder ("Hey, John, jricken the libs'll git beck in?" "Air, Aw heenk so!")
Honour: A desire ("Honour git one o' those new.......")
Hop Eyes: Pastry cases, filled with cooked meat and grivey
Hubbarse: Strine expression for telling the time ("Cown! Wa godda git gowin'! Snilly hubbarse tite!") See also "Corpse & Corparse"

Inny'ing: ("Inny'ing else?)

Jeggada: ("Jeggada the movies wi' thet chick yesty?") Often heard as "jeggoida" in the Southern Strine dialect.
Jeggetny: Did you obtain or buy any ("Jeggetny epples maam?")
Jeering: In the course of ("Jeering the dye, aw lock ta gid aowt n abaowt")
Jenry: The first month of the Strine year, followed by "Febry". A Strine verse used to remember the lengths of the months goes as follows ("Thirdy dies hes S'ptember, Ypril, June en' November. Oola rest 'ev thirdy one. Cep' Febry witches twenny ite en' twinny noine onna leap year.")
Jevny: Strine interrogative ("Jevny luck wi' the bingo lar snoite, mite?")
Jew: Was it you that.. ("Jew do ut?")
Jewna: Similar in meaning to "jonner" but with different emphasis ("Jewna do ut?")
Joolry: Precious objects such as stones and rings ("Chiggaowt oola joolry she's got!")
Jonner: Strine invitation ("Jonner goda the movies?")
Jrecken, Jricken: Strine expression which is used when trying to elicit a response from another ("Jricken yikkud git Edda the way?")
Jreena: Strine expression used often in initiating conversation in a social setting ("Hey, jreena piper thet......")

Keerious: Inquistive, strange ("Aw'm keerious ta knaa wud ep'm")
Knockin' a: With no intention of, ill-inclined to ("He's knockin' a help me")
Ktar: Strine musical instrument ("Woile moy ktar sofly weeps")
Kzeez: Strine statement used when explaining ("Whoidy do ut?" "Kzeez been bleckmiled")
Kwee: Strine interrogative usually used by children to their parents ("Kwee goda Hungry Jecks?")

Laidairn: Short rest, often after the mid-day meal. A siesta
Lar snoite: The eve of the previous day ("Oz 'air lar snoite")
Lar shear: The year before the present ("She kyme beck lar shear buddy dincair this toime")
Lar sweek: See Lar shear & Lar snoite, above
Laze & Gem: The traditional begining to a public speech. Often preceeded with the word "Milorze" ("Milorze, Laze & Gem. Oyd loikta prose a toaster the Briden Groom...")
Lettie Mare-Fitt: Generous Strine maternal influence ("Letie Mare-Fitt tiffy wonsit. Arf trawly zonier kidd")
Leecreesh: Strine sweet strap ("Cossum leecreesh please maam?")
Lengwitch: The way one speaks, ones form of speech ("Strine's a haad lengwitch ta learn!")
Lenth, Linth: Expression of measurement ("Wussa linth o' yer yaad, mite?") Note that the plural may be "lenks" or "links"
Less: Strine invitation ("Less goada the ciddy"")
Lightly: Recently ("The been seen a lod o' veach other lightly")
Lobry: A place from which one may borrow books ("Jonner goada the lobry?")
Lock: Similar to, ("He 'uz kerryin' on lock a myniec")
Lonjer Ray: Women's underclothing
Lookatje: Strine expression believed to be a remnant of one or two words that the natives borrowed from the Dutch in the early sixteenth century ("Gissa lookatje new rydio!")

Maowtn: A peak or a challenge ("Wodda y'alus f'ta myke a maowtn edda va moalil?")
Mare Chick: The influence of supernatural power ("Thet ole' Bleck Mare Chick")
Mare view: The opinion or problem of another ("Wassa mare view?")
Meemoy: Strine expression of annoyance ("Meemoy beeg maouth!")
Meesrabull: Poor, wretched ("Ya meesrabull peck o' mongrulls!")
Megneevicent: Strine expression signifying great or superb. Similar in meaning to "breeyant" or "excelnt" ("Chiggit aowt! Epsly megneevicent!")
Memba: Strine expression of nostalgia often rendered "memma" or "mimma" as in ("Mimma thet toime win.....")
Mitenance: The cost of divorce for those who have children ("Heddy git Edda pyin' mitenance?" "'E's onna doll, swee dudn' efter")
Mubbee: Perhaps, perchance ("Mubbee ockered do ut maself!" Air, mubbee yishud Troy")
Munny: First day of the Strine week. The days of the week are Munny, Tuezye (sometimes heard as "Chewsy"), Wenzy, Thurzy, Froidy, Setdye (sometimes "Sairdy"), and Sunny.
Myniec: Psychopath, radicallist ("Fyarse me, Aw ricken yer a bloody myniec!")

Naabudy, Nubbady: Strine character who seems to understand and have the answers to every problem ("Wud epm ear?" "Nubbady nose!")
Naawair: Opposite of somewhere ("He's got naawair da run n' naawair da hoide")
Naawye!: Strine expression of absolute refusal ("The's naawye ware gunna do ut")
Narkup Luddaze: A period of time ranging from three to six months. Primarily used in the negatory sense by members of the building profession. ("Iss nut gunner be riddy forra Narkup Luddaze mite!")
Neck shear: A mythical time when political parties actually fulfil their commitments. ("Thy ricken the gunna build a new road neck shear")
Nerve sprike-tan: A mental collapse ("He never lit sarp. He'll ever nerve sprike-tan the waze goan!")
Nilly: Almost. Usually heard as "snilly" ("Snilly toime ta go!")
Nonny: The number after 89 ("Wuz bekkin th'ear nonneen nonny-seex")
Nucula Pear: Strine form of energy, which is hotly opposed by many environmentalist groups ("Odda know foyagree wi' this oidear o' nucula pear")

Ockered: Strine expression of determination ("Ockered do ut foy troid!")
Odd: Strine reference to one's self ("Air! Odd loik thet!")
Odda wonna: Strine expression of indignation ("Less gidda sleb o' 4x." "Nah! Odda wonna!")
Oiz: Every time ("Ya oiz git ta go firs'")
Oldamut: Strine word used to express the optimum or best ("Ut wuz 'e oldamut thrill")
Ongana: Strine future tense ("Ongana gessum beers")
Ony, Unny: A mere, just ("The unny wye ya g'na do ut is 'iss wye")
Ornry: Average, normal, run-of-the-mill ("He wuz jiss an ornry fella")
Orpheus Rocker: Strine character, reported to be mentally unstable or unpredictable. ("Odd key powder fizz wye fozhew mite. Thet bloke's Orpheus Rocker")
Oyster: Strine reference to the past ("Oyster git up at 5 ivry mornn n' 'en odd....")

Paan me!: Strine expression used to excuse oneself ("Paan me!" "Woy, wudja do?")
Pan: Strine unit of measurement ("Covva pan o' budder, pleece mite?")
Paps: Maybe ("Paps yikkud 'elp me")
Pear: A force or strength ("The pear o' love is unsurpassed"). See also Nucula Pear.
Peck: A group or mob ("Ya peck o' baastuds!")
Peddick: A field or meadow ("Oola peddicks a green")
Penning, Pinning: Awaiting the outcome of a decision ("Penning on wut you do, Oy moight gaada the footy")
Perculyded: Strine coffee ("Aw jiss love frish perculyded coffee")
Persnly: Speaking for oneself ("Persnly odd drop the baastud!")
Pining: Strine work of art ("Wudda breeyant pining thet is!")
Pitcher: Strine work of art or photograph ("Heng thet pitcher onna wool")
Posply: Perhaps, Maybe ("Ut wuz posply the wors' fillum Aw've ivver seen")
Prob'm: Difficulty ("Jevny prob'ms wiv ya new car?")
Prolly: Most likely ("He prolly deed ut on purpose!")

Queshen: Used when information is required ("Godda queshen f'ya. Paps yikkud 'elp me aansrut.")
Queue: Strine request ("Queue doosa fiver?")
Quod: Strine expression of emphasis ("Ectua'y, ut wuz quod aw rot")

Rare-wye: Track along which a train may travel ("Gid awf the bloody rare-wye you eediot!")
Razolt: Outcome ("Razolts wa not good")
Redder Bat: To discover, or glean information ("Oy Redder Bat it in Sairdy's piper")
Rigguly: Quite often ("The streets wa rigguly batrolled by pleece in an effort ta stop the croime wyve")
Rilly: Very, extremely ("Ut wuz rilly good"). Often heard as "rooly" or "rauly" in some broader Strine dialects, particularly in Melburnian Strine.
Rise-up Lides: Small sharpened metal wafers, used for 'Shiving'
Roddio: Strine statement of agreement ("Air, roddio, oll gid onto ut!")

Sag-rapes: The effect of wanting something which one cannot have
Salada: Strine expression of farewell ("Gotta go mite, salada!")
Sarvo: Later on, ("Air I'll seeya sarvo!")
Saurot: Expression of comfort ("Dah wurry bed it! Saurot!")
Sawmus: Strine expression that is similar in meaning to "snilly". ("Sawmus Tom ta go!")
Scettin: Becoming ("Scettin lairder!")
Scona: Strine expression, used when forecasting the weather ("Scona rine! Scona kleerup lyta! Scona be a Grade-A!")
Scumby: Expression of optimism - similar to Scona ("J'rekn it scona rine? Nah, scumby grite!")
Seekle: The continuation or follow-on ("Jew ketch the seekle ta thet fillum?" Nah, missed ut")
Seemla: Of a likeness ("Thet's seemla ta the other one")
Semmitch: Snack made from two slices of bread with a tasty filling ("Chee Semmitch, Hairm Semmitch, Semmon Semmitch, Utter Martyr Semmitch, ")
Severed Wharves: Group of extremely short men, famous for providing free lodgings to enchanted princesses ("Snow Whiten the Severed Wharves")
Sex: Large bags made from heavy paper or cloth, often used to hold vegetables ("Gotny sex a b'tydas mite?")
Shiggar: A sweet food substance ("J'wontny shiggren ya coffee?")
Share: A Strine form of ablution. A cubicle for washing ("Woy'n you goan hevva cole share, y' rairndy sod!")
Shtubid: The opposite of "intelgent" ("Dumpy bloody shtubid abed ut!")
Skeerady: Strine protection from attack or theft ("Chiggaowt oola skeerady gaads evvawhere!")
Sly Drool: Instrument used by Strine engineers and mathematicans for discovering Kew Brutes, and making other calculations
Snilly: It's almost, just about ("Snilly hubbarse ite, maam, kwee go naow?")
Sorady: Strine expression similar to "nilly" or "snilly" in meaning and usage ("Sorady time ta go!") Also heard as "sreddy"
Sovvious: It's apparent or clear ("Sovvious 'e's knockin' a help ya")
Spault: Ruined ("Thet keed's jester spault bret!")
Sreddy: See "sorady" above ("Sreddy da go!")
Srenna: Encircled by ("Om oiz srenna by eediots")
Stewnce: People who study at yoonies ("Oola yoony stewnce were runnin' arahn lock blue-arsed floies")
Stiffcut: A piece of paper to affirm one's knowledge in a certain area ("Oggada stiffcut in 'lectronics naow")
Strud-awye: Immediately ("Ukkye, Aw'll gid onnawut strud-awye!") A similar construction is "rod-awye" as in (Aw'll gid onnawut rod-awye!")
Summerdy: Any Joe Blow ("Funny summerdy'd help me")
Summink: The opposite of "nuthink", "nuffin", and "nutn" ("Less guess summink fer the trip 'ome.")
Summun: Strine hero who fights for the cause of the "ornry" bloke, often doing their work for them. ("Summun'll shoot thet baastud one dye!" "Summun'll 'efta guessum wood fer the foyer")
Sunly: Strine word used to express surprise ("Sunly the wuz a flesh o' loight.....")
Sunnier: Strine expression of triviality, Mere ("She 'uz sunnier secketary b't she thought she 'uz the boss")
Sut'm: Same as "summink" but used in a different context ("Aw ricken the's sut'm gaan awn thair")
Suze me: Strine expression of politeness ("Suze me mite, queue gissa hairn wi' this pleece?")

Taan Cancel: The elected local government authority
Tault: A lavatory or latrine ("Oz hengin' aowt ta goda the tault fryges") Often referred to as a "dunny" in Strine slang.
Tea Nature: A young person, over the age of twaulve but younger than twinny
Terror Souse: A dwelling - one of a number, joined together in a row
Telveesion: A magic talking box that seems to possess the people who it comes in contact with ("Turn thet bloody telveesion awf!") Often heard as "talveesion" in Melburnian Strine.
The smorn: The earlier part of the day ("Oz 'air the smorn win ut ool hep'm")
Thurzy: Strine day of the week ("Aw'll ketcha Thurzye arvo bed hubbarse four"). For the full list of days of the week, see 'Munny.
Tiger Deezy: Strine god of peace, often evoked to pacify someone in trouble. ("Seddle lan' boys. Tiger Deezy!")
Tmurra: The day after the present day ("Ketcha tmurra!")
To Gorf: To leave suddenly ("He to gorf like a rocket!")
Twa: Special Strine language used when communicating with females ("Funny ockered talk Twa!")
Twaulve: Number after 11 ("The wa twaulve o' them")

Ukkye: Strine expression of agreement or affirmation ("Ukkye, Aw'll do ut! Jiss queet bothramee!")
Ungyan: Strine vegetable ("Styke 'n ungyans")
Utter Martyr: See Semmitch

Wassa, Wussa: Strine interrogative ("Wussa mare a view?")
Wea: Strine word that is often tacked on the end of a sentence to express a request ("Gissa han' wi this box, wea")
Wedge: Strine enquiry (Wedge giddut?")
Weld: The planet on which we live ("Snilly thee enna the weld, ya know"). Pronounced as "wauld" in some Strine dialects.
Wezza: Strine interrogative used in finding a place to sleep or eat. ("Suze me mite, queue helpus aowt? Wezza good plice ran ear ta gidda good mill")
Whinger: Strine enquiry (Whinger git Edda the jink?")
Woddaya: Interrogative expression ("Woddaya do thet?" "Kzaw wonna!")
Wodja: Strine interrogative expression ("Wodja do thet for?")
Wonchya: Strines expression that is commonly used when giving advice ("Wonchya git Edda this 'ole?")
Would never: Do not have ("You would never loite woodja mite?")
Woodening: Strine expression of doubt ("Nah, ya woodening so!")
Wozzy: Strine interrogative ("Wozzy do thet for?")
Wuzzy: Expression used in enquiring about a third person. ("Wuzzy doofra livin'?")

X: Plural of Egg. Also a tool for chopping wood

Yeggowan: Do you intend travelling to ("Yeggowan the pub t'noite")
Yesty: The day before the present day ("Jeggada the footy yesty?")
Yikkud: Strine expression of disdain ("Yikkud lan' a jet niz haircut!")
Yoda: Strine advice ("Yoda see'm a bet thet!")
Yoony A place of study
Y'odda, Y'godda: You must, you should ("Y'odda use yer brynes ta gitny waireniss weld")

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