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This site was developed as a project for a training course I attended a while ago.
If you find it boring to read, just think yourself lucky! - I had to WRITE IT!

These pages are dedicated to a peculiar language known as STRINE.
This page contains little more than feedback related information, and other assorted twaddle.

Please skip this section unless you have some problem or issue.

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The information (excluding any photograps) included on this site has been placed in the Public Domain. Whilst the author believes there to be no Royalty or License required to reproduce any of the written information here, we would appreciate a note of recognition regarding any content extracted for use elsewhere, and a brief
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The pictures of Roads and A.B.B. Concert on the Author's Background page, are copyright of the Author, and any form of copying or reproduction of these images, without the written consent of the Author, is forbidden. Please respect the ownership of content as outlined above.
Thank you.

If any visitor to this site is aware of any infringement of Copyright or Personal Rights caused by the inclusion of any information on these pages, or any inaccuracies which need correcting, please contact the Webmaster by Email, and the offending section or reference will be updated or removed.

And Finally

It should be clearly understood that nothing on this site is intended to mock or ridicule the Australian culture, people, or any accent or dielect. It is simply a collection of explanations and definitions - translating phrases, expressions, and often localised terms - into a form that can be readily understood by those of us inexperienced in the finer qualities of the language.

So if any visitor to this site feels that the material contained here might be rude or offensive in any way, please accept the author's sincerest apologies.

Oh Yes! - I Nearly forgot - Please report any Broken Links!

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