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Problems with eBay Suppliers
Fast Memory Man

A Few of my Favourite Strine-related Sites
JoyZine - Strine Decoded
Strine - Australian for Sheilas
About Strine - Genuine definitions
Aussie Strine - A Guide for the Uninitiated
Australian Strine - More Genuine definitions
Strine A-C - Yet More Genuine definitions (first page)
Strine A... - Still More Genuine definitions (not funny at all!)
The Cockney Internet - Includes Cockney Web Site Converter

NB: Lots more to add here... (when time permits)

Others - Not Strine-related but just Incredibly Funny
The Framley Examiner - Spoof Newspaper (must see classified ads)
The Darwin Awards - Just How Stupid Some People Can Be
Stella Awards (bit like Darwin - Most Outlandish Lawsuits)
Assorted Humour - Includes Stella and Darwin links
Jez's Joke Page - Some areas are a bit sexist
The Spark.com - Weird mix of humour
Male Bashing - Assorted humour

Resources Used to build this site
NTL World - My Current Web Hosting Server
Freedom To Surf - My Original Web Hosting Server
Free Parking - (Not quite free) Domain Name Registration
Glasgow University - Do's and Don'ts of good Web Design
Icon Bazaar - Free Icons and Background Images Etc.
Kevin Werbach's Excellent Barebones HTML Guide
Do It Yourself HTML - Just what it says
CHASS - Hands On Web Basics
The Principle of Shareware

More Useful Resources
J R Stockton's HTML Colour Guide
Tracy Charlton's All About Colours
How to Water Cool Your PC (Quite slow)
PHP (Personal Home Page) HTML Scripting Extension
AVG Antivirus from GRISOFT.
Zone Alarm from Zonelabs.

And last but certainly not least....
Book Stack Online - Antique and Out-Of-Print books

That's all for the Links to other sites.
Now for some comedy to help you lighten-up

I saw this some years ago, and it cracked me up....
I work in IT support so I can relate to this directly....
(hope it doesn't offend anyone). A User Support nightmare

NB: Many more to add here... (when time permits)

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